Coming Events at I.G.E.

Dispute Resolution/ Conflict Resolution                    Speaker: Kate Pigott                   

When: Sunday, MARCH 31, 2019

Time: 2:00pm- 4:00pm                     

Where: Institute for Global Education                                

1118 Wealthy St. SE.                                

Grand Rapids,MI 49506

Kate Pigott, attorney and novice mediator discusses

Kate’s Bio:

Although not a Native, Kate Pigott is happy to call Grand Rapids, Michigan home now.  She even loves the winters (can you believe this one is coming to an end!?).  She has an art degree and a law degree.  Her passions are the planet, animals, and humans in conflict.  Although born in California, thankfully, she was raised in Georgia.  So, if you visit her home, you won’t die of thirst on the sofa.

In 1997, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a double degree in Video and Fibers.  After college, she moved back to California to work as an Audio-Visual Event Technician in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Often the only female technician on a job site, some of her work highlights included mic-ing Governor Schwarzenegger and working press sound for President Clinton.

During the economic downturn, she decided to go back to school and move to Chicago.  Never in a million years would she have thought about law school.  But, a friend suggested it and the more she thought about it, it seemed like a valuable tool for her tool belt.  In 2012, she was accepted at Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School which is how she got to Grand Rapids.  Driving into the city, she instantly fell in love.  Downtown was diverse in its culture and activities, with a ‘mini’ big city feel.

During law school, she interned at the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan which began her passion for mediation.  In 2017, she passed the bar exam and became a Michigan licensed attorney.  The question now is – will she practice law or not?  Honestly, she is hesitant to advocate for only one side because she loves fighting like crazy for both sides which is what mediating is all about!  Currently, she works for the Michigan and Florida Agricultural Mediation Programs as their Intake Coordinator.  Kate plans to discuss the mediation process in general and is happy to take curious questions.

 IGE talk in March 2019 on Affordable Housing.

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Conflict Resolution. Date & time to be announced.

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