On May 19, 2020, we lost a jewel. Corinne Carey has been one of the most active members of IGE   For 35 years Corinne created programs, attended events, and staffed the I.G.E. office. Her enthusiasm and generous nature was a gift to everyone who was ever near her. 

Corinne’s teaching colleagues said she was a gifted and innovative educator who put enormous energy into her work which benefited many  children. When she retired she  was able to spend more time working for  her other  concerns such as the elimination of nuclear power plants in our state and everywhere. Corinne spent most of her life working for the well being of others, her  late husband George and her beautiful family.  Good parents care about the state of the world and notice the real dangers  of such things as war and poverty.  Corinne became very aware of the damage done to our world’s environment. She was part of the group movement of the Raging Grannies which used old songs with new words to evoke our concerns about dangers to our society and the planet.
Corinne left a marvelous record.  She taped so many events from the  thousands of people in antiwar demonstrations to  all our IGE programs for many years. She modeled non-violence and caring. There is not enough room to mention a fraction of Corinne’s efforts to promote peace and justice, the environment, and all that is good in the world.  She was the human being we would all wish to be. 
Keith Carey will let IGE know the exact date of a Memorial Gathering at the end of July.  I.G.E. will let everyone know about the event.