Grand Rapids and Kent County Voting Information

Check registration status and polling place:

(Institute for Global Education can check for you at 1118 Wealthy St SE)

Register and vote (with proof of residency) at:

Office of the City Clerk

City Hall – 300 Monroe NW, 2nd floor

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Sat Oct 31st                  7 am – 3 pm  

Mon Nov 2nd         8 am – 5 pm 

Tues Nov 3rd         7 am – 8 pm

Election Central       

201 Market Street SW

Grand Rapids, MI 49503     

Hours:      Sat Oct 31st                  7 am –   5pm

                  Mon Nov 2nd         12 pm – 5 pm

                  Tues Nov 3rd         7 am –   8 pm

24 hour Drop Box locations for absentee ballots – (Make sure ballot is signed.)

By Tues Nov 3rd 8 pm

         Ottawa Hills Library                  1150 Giddings Ave SE

         Seymour Branch Library                  2350 Eastern Ave SE

         Van Belkum Library                  1563 Plainfield NE

         West Leonard Library                  1017 Leonard NW

         300 Ottawa Ave NW                   across from Calder Plaza

Parking lot at 427 Market Ave SW – corner of Market & Wealthy