Mother’s Day Poem

For Nan/Mom

La Luz
Lay your life line on the sill Lay it by your baby’s smile…Though our world’s been set adrift we still sync upat 3 a.m and p.m. Soul to soul eye to eye we climb… On the trails where we have counted steps as beads of prayers and sweat… The dew on Queen Anne’s Lace and Baby’s breath guide us through the trials of broken wood and briers… To the fields where all is covered by the sun’s tender love and the words write themselves… beginning to end with the birds of song and prey We are caught in awe and lift by the beauty of the sea… whose lashes caress the shoreline with amother’s kiss… tears separate yet dear and steadfast through the tides of the years Together in grace we grow… through darkness we plow Hope enduring Light prevailing.