Non Violent Communication Presentation–Thursday, June 23

June 23 @ 7:00 pm9:00 pm

What is NVC?
a pragmatic process for identifying, communicating and meeting the often unseen but essential motivating needs of your self and of others;  An NVC practice gradually lessens thoughts and actions based on ineffective systems of guilt, judgment, and manipulation (thru positive or negative reactions), while replacing them with thoughts and actions that address the driving issues in each person with creativity and kindness.
How does NVC work?  You go beyond counterproductive cultural habits to connect genuinely with Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests in yourself and others at the present moment.  Most of NVC is common sense but developing these compassionate ways can make life surprisingly wonderful.   
O – peel off evaluation, comparison, criticism, and judgment to identify objective observations;
F –  develop a vocabulary and awareness of feelings in yourself and others
N – identify one or more basic needs attached to each authentic feeling
R – identify positive actions that you or others can take to meet your needs — requests
E – practice empty-space listening/empathy to hear accurately, paraphrase, reflect;  When appropriate, engage in active “question” empathy to release the ofnr of others;
A – Also apply the above skills to address issues to convey appreciation, dissolve depression, diffuse violence, and work effectively with children and other people at home, work or anywhere;