A Discussion on Anarchist Decision Making & PRDM


A Discussion on Anarchist Decision Making & PRDM

May 9 – 7:00pm

at the IGE office

The idea of PRDM (or Decision Making that relates to proximity and resource) is as *a* response to age old questions (in anarchist circles) of power and communication. The perception, and perhaps the attraction, of anarchism for most young people is that it is a way to be involved in the decision making that dictates the arbitrary choices that life is filled with. It is a way to seize power over ones own life by participation. Formal consensus is successful at structuring a method of what purposeful self-determination could look like for a group. Informal consensus is successful at evading what feels arbitrary and collectivist about formal consensus by being more casual and ad hoc about the points in formal consensus that seem arbitrary and bureaucratic.

We are proposing experimentation around a model we call PRDM. PRDM emphasizes autonomy and production rather than collectivity and personal growth regarding our projects. It sketches an idea of an anarchist decision methodology rather than a system of processes. It is also the system that we have been attempting to use at Little Black Cart over the last 10 years.