Democracy Spring at Freethought Cafe

Freethought Cafe is getting a visit from Democracy Spring this Sunday, 12:00 noon- 2 p.m. at the Institute for Global Education, 1118 Wealthy St SE.

Who are they? Citizens of all parties and none, risking arrest creating the biggest mass events at the capitol in a generation.  Why don’t you know this? There’s been a media blackout!  What are they fighting?  Big money in politics!
Democracy Spring will discuss the importance of citizen activism and the politics of respectability which intertwine with all social movements. The session will conclude with brainstorming about direct actions — small or large — which you can do in your communities.
We have a potluck too–share as you are able.  And if you disagree, that is fine too–we love us some articulate controversy.  This week, cocktails!
With special appearances from Democracy Spring Marchers, The Dome 12, Wolf PAC, the Prison Creative Arts Project, TYT Army, and some stirring chants.
Thank you, Democracy Spring. Now, I’m going to go create an appropriate beverage.  Democracy Stingers, anyone?