Free Thought Cafe field trip to Geek Group on Saturday

Free Thought Cafe field trip to Geek Group

This Sunday, we’re meeting on Saturday, because it’s summer and time for adventures!

And: We’re meeting at the Geek Group at 12:30, Saturday, June 4, 2016 for their tour.  It’s their birthday and the place is amazing!  The Geek Group is at 902 Leonard NW.

Then after the tour try out the Mitten brewing company down the street at 527 Leonard NW for some coffee, a good pretzel, or a local craft beverage.

There are lots of fun options this time of year.  You might want to mark your calendar now:
June 4    902 Leonard NW   12:30 p.m, Geek Group (food afterwards)
June 12  1118 Wealthy SE   noon-2   The Enbridge Five (potluck)
June 17  1819 Oakwood NE    7 p.m.   Aliens party (dress the part!)
June 19   No Cafe, Father’s Day. Call your dad (you’re welcome)
June 26  1118 Wealthy SE   noon-2
Do not miss the aliens!!  If you want to help with the party, let me know!  Laura Casaletto